1997 Laura Queen

1998 Nancy Patrick

1999 Niki Mills

2000 Sarah Runyon

2001 Jeremy Johnson

and Robyn Harrison

2002 Bruce Hill and Christi Cremeans

2003 Hayes Lester and Joanie Fellure

2004 Brandon Caldwell

and Jenni Stapleton

2005 David Bayless

and Ashley Cremeans

2009 Garrett Robinson

and Kirstie Bertram

2010 Heath White and Lindsey Johnson

2011 Colby Lee and Morgan Gilliland

2006 J.W. Sheets and Jill Swain

2007 Steven Call and Kristen Halley

2008 Justin Hall and Karli Lester

2012 Kenny Cross and Ruthie Witmer

2013 Carl Johnston

and Jasmyne Johnson

2014 Eli Fraley and Bailie Corbin

2015 George Duty and Sara Bailey

2016 Justin Crago and Carrie Watson

2017 Joey Woodall

and Illyssa Saunders

2018 Austin Stapleton

and Brooke Campbell

2019 Tristan Janey

and Maria Calhoun

2021 Marshall Beegle

and Emma Shamblin

2022 Tristan Saber and Jessie Rutt

2023  Reece Butler and Peyton Halley

2024 Tanner Booth and Molle Maynard

Prom Royalty